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With Elizabeth, Chief Marketing Gunslinger
While I'm drinking my cup of coffee, I am reflecting on the many things I have to be grateful for and how much more I can share.  What’s more, I’ve been blessed to reconnect with many long-time friends and meet many incredible new people and would enjoy sharing my "Marketing Musings over Coffee" newsletters with you.
It would make my day to stay connected, so I’m launching a new monthly E-newsletter and weekly email digest of my marketing thoughts.  You can choose which email works best for you. I want to include you, but insist on your permission first. So if you’d like to receive regular valuable information and learn how you can incorporate my marketing musings to improve your business, share with your clients, or for personal growth, please take a brief moment to  fill in the form. If you happen to receive this email at more than one email address, just complete the form for the email address you would like to receive the updates.
Much appeciated ─ and I promise to make it worth your while!
Elizabeth Quintanilla
Marketing Gunslinger – Consultant – Speaker
On Twitter: @equintanilla

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